Marketing Your Home

In this modern age, home buyers now, more than ever make use of technology in their home search. Properties are quickly narrowed down based on images found on the internet. The most beautiful properties may be overlooked because of a less than inspiring presentation.

As a seller, to ensure that your property is not the one overlooked, it is important to

  • show the property in the best possible light
  • convey information about the property that is easily and quickly digestible
  • advertise the property using a wide social media presence


Professional photographs are essential. Quality high resolution shots of the neighborhood, inside and outside of the home give an overall feel for the property.

Have a look at these photos.


A good video allows a buyer to sit back, relax, click play and watch a short presentation of the property. Usually around 2 1/2 to 3 minutes is sufficent for this. A compelling music track accompanies the video to grab your attention. Videos can be live footage or made from still photographs.

Check out this video made from stills.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours provide a 3 dimensional view of the property. This allows the Buyers to virtually walk through the property, controlling where they go and allowing them to inspect the property from different viewpoints at their own pace. A good virtual tour leaves the buyer with an immersive experience.

Below is the IGUIDE virtual tour. The IGUIDE virtual tour is more than just a virtual tour, it is an integrated system. It can be the central repository for a Buyer to have quick access to all the important property information.

The IGUIDE virtual tour is comprised of the following pages:

  • 3D Tour - the virtual tour of the property
  • Photos - the hi res professional photos
  • Video - the video of the property
  • Details - the room measurements and the floor plan
  • Map - the map location of the property

With all the essential information available in one spot, the Buyer has the opportunity of a cursory experience, focusing on the highlights of interest or the Buyer can have a more thorough experience, by drilling down to get the more detailed information. It is all at the Buyer's fingertips.


It is important to reach as many Buyers as possible.

The property is placed on MLS which allows access to other agents. A Facebook campaign is started which advertises the property, targeting Buyers within a 24 km radius of the property. Feedback from the Facebook campaign is compiled and provided to the seller so they can monitor it's effectiveness. The property is advertised on Linkedin and Instragram as welll.

Advertising on social media has the potential to reach a much larger group of Buyers than just using traditional means.

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