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Edmonton Scona District provides a blend of history, beauty, and Downtown proximity. Neighbourhoods such as Windsor Park - known for its access to the river valley and its scenic views, Garneau - known for its historic character, with many homes and buildings reflecting architectural styles from the early to mid-20th century, and Strathcona - known as Edmonton's Theatre District comprise this area. The heart of the Scona district is Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue), a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly street known for its shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. Whyte Avenue is a cultural hub and a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The University of Alberta, one of the top 5 in Canada and home to more than 40000 students, brings an academic and cultural influence on the area. Housing types in this district include single-family homes, low-rise and hi-rise apartments and condominiums.

Scona District Boundaries

The Scona District is depicted in blue in the clickable map above along with the neighbourhoods that comprise it. The Scona District is located in the central area of the city and is one of fifteen districts in Edmonton’s District Network as outlined in The City Plan. Nearby districts include the Central, Jasper Place, Whitemud and Southeast Districts.

The City Plan(page 34) defines districts as “diverse, accessible collections of neighbourhoods that contain most of the services and amenities Edmontonians need to meet their daily needs. They connect residential and non-residential opportunities and enhance the ability for more Edmontonians to live locally.”

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This text uses material from section 2.1 of the City of Edmonton document Scona District Plan. The neighbour map was obtained from the M.A.P.S. Alberta Capital Region document City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Boundaries.

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Scona District Neighbourhoods

Scona District encompasses two of the eleven neighbourhoods that make up the Edmonton Downtown Condo Market(Garneau and Strathcona). These inner-city neighbourhoods offer proximity to the downtown core, an abundance of amenities, and access to central parks and pathway systems.

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